Dr. Norman Geisler, PhD.


Dr. Norman Geisler, PhD, is a prolific author, veteran professor, speaker, lecturer, traveler, philosopher, apologist, evangelist, and theologian. To those who ask, “Who is Norm Geisler?” some have suggested, “Imagine a cross between Thomas Aquinas and Billy Graham and you’re not too far off.”


Norm has authored or co-authored over 100 books and hundreds of articles. He has taught theology, philosophy, and apologetics on the college or graduate level for over 50 years. He has served as a professor at some of the finest Seminaries in the United States, including Trinity Evangelical Seminary, and Dallas Theological Seminary. He now lends his talents to Veritas Evangelical Seminary and to Southern Evangelical Seminary.

Dr. David Geisler


Dr. David Geisler is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary (M.A. and Th.M.) and Southern Evangelical Seminary (Doc. of Ministries in Apologetics). He has been involved in Church and para-church ministry for over 25 years and is an internationally known speaker (North American, Latin America, Asia, Europe, and Africa). He has ministered in 13 Asian countries alone when he lived in Singapore where his headquarters was from 2004-2011. During those seven years in Asia he trained over 300 bible and seminary students in practical apologetics, many who are now pastors and missionaries all over Asia. He is currently the co-founder and president of Norm Geisler International Ministries and adjunct professor at Southern Evangelical Seminary.


In 1994, he was hired by the graduate branch of Campus Crusade for Christ to help develop a national pilot program at U.T. Austin to reach skeptical graduate students. What he discovered is that there is a real need for Christian ministries to understand how to do process evangelism, especially with those more skeptically minded. As a result, in 2000 he started Meekness and Truth™ Ministries. In 2002 in cooperation with his team he developed a new pre-evangelism paradigm called Conversational Pre-Evangelism that he has taught throughout the U.S. with college ministries, churches, seminaries, and mission organizations. In 2004 he felt called to Asia to equip Christians in the East in this new pre-evangelism paradigm. In 2009 he co-authored along with his father, Norman Geisler, Conversational Evangelism: Connecting with People to Share Jesus, published by Harvest House. Their book has been translated into Chinese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesian, Slovakian, Spanish and was republished in 2014. His evangelistic/apologetic training program has been recommended by many national and international Christian leaders.


In July of 2011 he and his Chinese wife, Charlene and their three children relocated back to U.S. where David oversees NGIM's global movement both in the East and the West. David feels especially called to play a part to expand his father’s (Dr. Norman Geisler) apologetic resources around the world and also extend his father’s legacy by cultivating greater hunger among lay people to desire greater apologetic training to meet the challenges of living in a post-Christian world.



Brian Henson


Brian Henson is the director of youth apologetics and evangelism for Norm Geisler International Ministries (NGIM). Brian became a Christian his freshman year at East Carolina University where he majored in Religious Studies, History, and Anthropology (1999). As a young Christian, his faith was severely challenged at college and he began to doubt that Christianity was true. The experience taught him the importance of defending his faith and he dedicated his life to studying and teaching apologetics. He received a Masters in Biblical Archaeology from Wheaton College (2001) and spent six months studying at Jerusalem University College in Israel. He has a second Masters in Christian Apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary (2011). Brian has been a high school Bible teacher since 2001. He has taught Old Testament, New Testament, Christian Theology, World Religions, Logic, Debate, and Apologetics. He now lives in Matthews, NC with his wife Gabriela and their three children. He currently teaches Bible at Charlotte Christian School and speaks around the country to youth and parents through NGIM. Brian has 15 years of experience working with youth. His passion is to lead young people to Christ, to establish them in the faith with an unshakable foundation, and to train them to impact the culture for Christ.




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